Filmmaking courses usually have 10 to 16 students, so each student has ample access to equipment.

Faculty are dynamic and engaged teachers

Students produce and direct their own short films

Experience the Reel Film Fest

Cinema at the University of Hartford

The study of film at Hartford is based in the liberal arts which provides a well-rounded education for our students that enhances both their understanding of film and their abilities as filmmakers. Our majors are immersed in viewing, discussing, writing about, and producing films and other video-related formats like TV, web, and video games. A variety of courses in film analysis and production are offered; these examine a broad range of film and media genres.
Our faculty are engaged and experienced teachers who have written extensively about film and media in their scholarship and are also accomplished media makers whose work has been shown at museums, competitive international film festivals, on television, and in web formats. We don't have any TAs teaching our courses and our class sizes are very small. So, every student gets to know the professors well. Students can take hands on courses like intro to filmmaking and other courses in the major in the first year.