Major in Cinema

The major in cinema combines a humanities approach to film studies with a variety of options in filmmaking and video production.

Students start their work in the cinema major with CIN 150 Introduction to Film which provides an overview of film as a cultural and artistic form.  After this introductory course, students take courses from three categories which each build upon their knowledge and understanding of film:

These courses provide a foundation for the study of film, encompassing film history, theory, criticism and production.  Students take any three of these four courses: Film History, Film Analysis, World Cinema or Introduction to Filmmaking.  
These courses offer a more intensive analysis of specific films based on a certain director, genre, nation or theme.  The subject matter of these film studies courses varies by semester and courses can be repeated when there is different subject matter.  Production courses focus on advanced camera work.  In this category, students take any three of these courses:  Film Directors, National Cinemas, Film Genres, Studies in Film, or Cinematography. 
In this final component of the major, students develop a concentration in film studies, filmmaking or some combination of these two by taking five additional courses.  Courses that satisfy this requirement include any of the courses listed under “Study in Depth” that examine specific kinds of films or filmmaking, animation, screenwriting courses, an advanced course in producing and directing, and selected media production courses offered by the School of Communication and Hartford Art School.

Many students also complete internships and independent studies under the supervision of a faculty member in Cinema.

The individual courses and requirements for the cinema major are described here.