Minor in Cinema

Students can complete a Minor in Cinema by taking five courses in film studies that combine a background in film analysis with a more in depth examination of specific kinds of films, such as those by a prominent director or from a certain genre.

Required credits for the Minor: 15

Introduction (one course, 3 credits)
CIN 150 Introduction to Film (CMM 150)

Grounding (two courses chosen from the following three, 6 credits)
CIN 250 World Cinema (ML 251)
CIN 251W Film History
CIN 252W Film Analysis

Study (two courses chosen from the following four, 6 credits)
CIN 311 Film Directors
CIN 312 National Cinemas
CIN 313 Film Genres
CIN 314 Studies in Film

Faculty advisors will provide students with course recommendations for the minor that reflect individual educational and career objectives.