Bill Hall

Internships at Hartford area television stations

The cinema faculty are a great resource for helping students make connections and find internships that provide professional opportunities in film and television, both in Connecticut and around the country.

I had several internships while at the University of Hartford and was certainly able to make use of skills learned in the classroom. Last summer I interned at WFSB-TV, a local CBS affiliate. During this time I met and shadowed real industry professionals who could give me first-hand insight into the world of communications and video. While most of my internship was spent at the station which is close to the University of Hartford’s campus, I also traveled with the news team to several different parts of the state. It was a great learning experience.

Last fall, I had an internship at a local community access show in my hometown. This experience helped me master the skills that I already had by using them and teaching them to others.  Shooting video in the field and non-linear editing were important parts of this internship and I learned how to do these tasks in my classes in the Cinema Department.

This fall I am interning at WTIC-TV in Hartford, CT. Much like at WFSB, this internship lets me learn from industry professionals. Already, I have worked at the assignment desk making calls and following developing news. I have gone out with reporters and photographers covering stories around the state and even helped pick out sound bites for several of their stories.  I have also been involved in several small commercial projects like a public service announcement shoot about teen dating violence where I was a production assistant.

A great thing about the Cinema Department is the contacts you can make through professors and other students. Many internships and jobs come about through word of mouth and contacts with people in the department and the University.  Having internships and doing well in your cinema courses can take you far on your path to a great career.