Dana Eckstein

Internship in TV news at WFSB Channel 3

Most people think that those in front of the camera have all the fun. I know they’d change their minds if they had a chance to work behind the camera as a cinema student at the University of Hartford. During my time here, I’ve had so many opportunities to try all kinds of new and interesting things. Aside from learning traditional camera techniques, I’ve also had a chance to work with media such as film and animation. I can make magic happen with digital video and Final Cut Pro or with paper cut outs and a thousand photos.

The professors in the Department of Cinema are all passionate and driven which makes it exciting to show up for class. I always look forward to learning something new and I have great confidence in my professors because they don’t just teach – they do work in their field.  I’m never afraid to ask difficult questions because curiosity is valued in the lab.

All fun aside, the Department of Cinema has prepared me to work in the real world.  This fall, as part of the cinema internship program, I will be an intern at WFSB Channel 3. I was confident during my interview because I knew that the department had provided me with the best preparation for the position.  Now I’m excited for the opportunity to use the skills I’ve learned at school to work on professional news stories.

I’ve also been able to make a difference in my community. Last spring I volunteered to make a documentary video for the Hartford based non-profit behavioral health center, InterCommunity. The video will help the organization apply for grant money and expand their program which is a great asset to the local community.