Dylan Marko Bell – Director and Screenwriter – Class of 2007

The cinema faculty brought such a love for filmmaking. It's inspiring.

A New Jersey native, Dylan Marko Bell moved to Los Angeles in 2007 after graduating from the University of Hartford. As a director and editor, he has worked with top-charting indie bands (Youngblood Hawke, Soft Swells, Vanaprasta and more), ad agencies (Omelet LA and Collier/Simon) and production companies (Ghost Atomic and The Sandbox Media). Dylan founded M.Constant Pictures in 2009, named in honor of Kurt Vonnegut’s protagonist in The Sirens of Titan, and aspires to one day adapt the novel into a feature film. Dylan’s senior thesis film at UHa was also based on a Vonnegut short story.

Remora, a narrative short film directed and written by Dylan Marko Bell, premiered at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival and then played festivals internationally. With several feature film scripts currently in development, Dylan intends to begin production of his first feature by the end of 2014.