Emma Palumbo – Freshman


My name is Emma Palumbo; I am a Cinema student at the University of Hartford. Creating art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Making short films or documentaries has been an outlet for me to express my feelings for many years. Creating pieces of art for people to watch has allowed me to come out of my shell and be the person I really want to be.

The Cinema program here allows students to take control of their own education. The Professors provide you with knowledge and send you on your way, giving support the whole time. They let you take what you learn and create whatever you want from it, allowing and encouraging us to make mistakes and beautiful things all at the same time. The professors are not only knowledgeable but they are friendly and helpful. You can turn to any of the professors at any time with questions about school work, class options or even movies we like. You can enter a class with a certain opinion on a movie and leave with a completely different view on that movie and everything else about the industry! The professors really encourage their students to try new things and think outside the box and support us if something doesn’t work out how we planned.

This program allows students to work together and helps build a sense of community amongst students. Through this program I have met so many talented people and most importantly my best friends. The students in the Cinema program in friendly, like working together and enjoy helping a fellow student; which is my favorite part about this program and the school in general.