Lauren McGrath

Set up lighting for a shoot in New York City on internship

Currently working at A&E Networks

I graduated from the University of Hartford in May 2011 with a double major in Cinema and Communication with an emphasis in Media and Journalism.

During my four years at the University I took a variety of classes in television production, editing, animation and producing and directing.  In every class, the professors were knowledgeable and wanted the students to learn the skills that would help prepare them for real world situations.  For instance, in one of my classes I learned how to properly set up lights for an interview.  A few months later I was working at an internship that the cinema department had set up for me where I was asked to help with the lighting for a shoot in New York City for Chase Bank.  I automatically knew what needed to be done because I had already learned it my production classes at Hartford. It felt great to know that I was prepared for the job.

Even after graduation, I have found the faculty in Cinema and Communication to be completely supportive and offering help any chance they can.  My professors have contacted people they know in media professions asking if they could forward my resume to them.   I get emails from them every time they hear about an opportunity that may lead to a job for me. It is great to know that the professors who taught me for the past four years have not forgotten me now that I have graduated and would like nothing more than to see me and other students succeed.