Nancy Fields – Office Coordinator for Department of Cinema

Office Coordinator for Department of Cinema

Nancy Fields is the Office Coordinator for the University of Hartford’s Department of Cinema. Nancy has many years of corporate experience in administrative roles, business and financial analysis, and computer program and systems design. In her role as the Cinema Department Office Coordinator, Nancy assists the Department Chair with the business and administrative operations of the department.

Most specifically, she manages the department financial budget and is responsible for purchasing equipment for filmmaking classes and films for cinema analysis courses.  It seems that she is constantly busy buying videos, high definition cameras, Apple computers, microphones, light kits, filters, film and much more to keep the rapidly growing production classes supplied with state-of-the art equipment and the cinema studies classes supplied with an extensive film library.

Several years ago Nancy chose to leave the world of “Corporate America” to pursue a career that was more emotionally satisfying. Working in University of Hartford’s Cinema Department fulfills the need to make a direct and meaningful contribution to others.  Many of her responsibilities keep her in direct contact with students. Nancy provides financial aid opportunities to students through work-study assignments, troubleshoots problems for students helping them to find appropriate offices on campus for assistance, and coordinates student advising which helps maintain relationships between student advisees and faculty members.

Nancy is often the first point of contact with prospective students and their families who are making their initial inquiries about the cinema program offered at University of Hartford. As the mother of a college student, Nancy possesses sensitivity toward student needs, a personal connection to parental concerns about their student’s educational experience, and an experienced consumer perspective.

Having investigated many film programs with her daughter, Nancy believes that the University of Hartford Cinema program really stands out as impressive compared to others. The film studies professors have high standards and work with students to encourage top levels of academic performance learning about film criticism and analysis. The filmmaking professors are always on site working with students on projects in the editing lab. Additionally, Nancy has attended several student film screenings and has been very impressed with the quality of the student work.

Nancy welcomes inquiries about the Cinema Department and the University of Hartford and hopes that people interested in the program will feel free to contact her.



Phone: 860-768-5544

Office: Abrahms Hall, Room 107 D

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