Parnian Emami – Junior

10557554_10203939630787884_3965275932246489631_oParnian comes all the way from Virginia for the Cinema program at University of Hartford. As a freshman, she and a group of her friends decided to start the first film club at the university. By the end of the first year, the club had put on many events including a student film festival and many film screenings. Parnian’s main reason for choosing University of Hartford is the freedom the program gives the students when it comes to film production or film studies. Classes are offered equally in both areas which allow the students to become familiar with different aspects of the industry. Also, the small size of the classes allows students to get a hands-on experience when it comes to using the equipment or discussing a movie with a professor. Currently, she is working as an intern at NBCUniversal, which has thus far been an outstanding experience for her.