Simon Presley

Intern for Reno Productions, a New York based production company

Being a movie buff most of my life, I was anxious to see what the Department of Cinema would have to offer when I started at Hartford in my freshman year.  The wide variety of classes and knowledgeable professors helped me expand my understanding of film and helped me develop essential skills.

The film analysis and film history classes in the department enabled me to view films in a more sophisticated manner.  For example, after learning about shot structure and mise en scène within a film, I now can question what a director and cinematographer are trying to achieve visually through the film.

After taking filmmaking courses here from Professor Cook I realized that this was place for me. Here I am able to turn my ideas into reality and put them onto the big screen.  I have come to love the post-production process.  There is just something about watching the film slowly come together through many late nights in the editing lab that makes this process so satisfying and worthwhile.

The skills and knowledge I have learned have already helped me get involved in the film business.  In the summer of 2010 I was an intern for Reno Productions, a New York based production company, Reno, working on their independent film Certainty.  The next summer I was lucky enough to be offered a freelance editing position with Thrill List, another New York based company. With all these great opportunities available to me even before my senior year, I have come to realize that the University is a great place to learn all aspects of film. All of my professors have done a great job preparing me for opportunities like these and I am sure they have a lot more to teach, just as I have a lot more to learn.