Taylor Landesman – Editor and Motion Graphics Artist – Class of 2010

Assistant Editor and Motion Graphics Artist in New York City

taylor-landsmenI have a full time position as an assistant editor and motion graphics artist in New York City creating live interactive graphics for well known musicians like Frank Ocean and Beyonce.

I always had an interest in animation and experimental film and the incredible professors in the Department of Cinema helped me explore my interest in both of these kinds of filmmaking.  I enjoyed the small size of production classes and the specialized equipment the department provides for its students.  It’s one of the few film programs in the country that has a digital 16mm and 8mm optical printer which is an amazing tool for any animator or aspiring video artist.

After graduating in 2010, I moved back home to Brooklyn and worked as a freelance editor and textile artist for feminist art stars like Mika Rottenberg creating costumes for her 2011 Performa piece “SEVEN” with Jon Kessler.

The Department of Cinema laid the important groundwork that has aided me in my greater pursuits. Just be curious, do as many internships as you can, and like Woody Allen says, “ninety percent of life is just showing up”.  For production I’d add: be on-time!