Will Hickman – Freshman

IMG_20140928_181832My name is Will Hickman and I am from Ohio and came to the University of Hartford for the cinema program. I have taken mostly analysis based courses for film, but intend to do a lot of production as well. The film analysis has been one of my favorite parts of the major. Watching films that I may otherwise not have had access to or been aware of and conceptualizing them with interesting theories. The lessons I’ve learned in the production course I had go far beyond the classroom and will hopefully make me a better person for it. Learning to focus on feasibility and organization is still something I need to put to practice unfortunately, but I’m far more aware of it now. So far the projects that I’ve worked on are: photo mise-en-scene; a one shot; sound scape; portrait; and a fictional short for another class. The photo project was used to work on setting up the scene to emulate a certain emotion. It let me work on lighting and framing the shot. For the one shot I worked with a partner to create a brief horror film. The experimentation with foleying was very enjoyable and was surprising in how little something actually sounds like itself when recorded. The sound scape was one of my favorite projects making for an interesting study and a challenge to edit properly. I did the project on a BDSM domme and interviewed her¬†experiences in the community, as well as the lifestyle itself. The portrait was of my aunt and her clothing design. The fictional short gave me a chance to try out my acting abilities, or the lack there of. My experiences in the program are fairly limited as of yet, but have been great ones thus far. Including the sense of community that comes from being in the program, I have gotten a lot from it so far.