Current Students

The courses in the Department of Cinema nurture and develop a student’s creativity and artistic expression.

Students create original films in a variety of genres including narrative, documentary, experimental, and animation. These films are regularly shown in student film screenings at the University and film festivals with a competitive selection process. Film studies courses that explore film history, theory and analysis sharpen students’ analytical abilities where they write papers that critically examine film as a form of art and commercial culture.

Here are the stories of some of our current students that talk about how these courses have developed their abilities to make films and analyze them. Click on the links below for the students to view films that they have produced in Cinema classes.

You can also view films made by Cinema students here.

Will Hickman – Freshman

My name is Will Hickman and I am from...

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Emma Palumbo – Freshman

My name is Emma Palumbo; I am a Cinema...

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Tiffany Young – Junior

I’ve always been one of those kids who didn’t...

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Kyle Turner – Sophomore

It’s hard to pinpoint when film evolved from a...

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Parnian Emami – Junior

Parnian comes all the way from Virginia for the...

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Nicholas Mastrangelo – Junior

I am Nicholas Mastrangelo, a junior cinema-student at the...

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